Join the Nauka Clan – Become a Naukan

The Nauka Clan is the home for those who value life, brotherhood and freedom. It unites like-minded people to a strong and versatile community. It is the home of the worldwide Naukans. Read more about the Nauka Clan.


What the Nauka Clan offers to you
  • A dedicated club with a strong community of selected members.
  • People from all cultures are welcome. Be positive – we all have to struggle.
  • The Nauka Ranking System. Earn Nauka Experience Points (NXP), proceed as a Nauka Student and become a Nauka Teacher.
  • Get the exclusive Nauka Identity Book with your own unique number and registration.
  • You are part of a family tradition which protects life since 1910 and preserves ancient warrior roots.
  • Our world community – Naukans help each other out, when they need support.
  • Opportunity to join or create a Nauka Fighting Outpost and train Nauka in a private group.
  • Discounts on Nauka products, seminars, study materials, private trainings, academy fees and events.
  • Social networks and private groups with worldwide Naukans.
  • Get the members only email newsletter with the latest news and information.
  • Free participation in Nauka Charity projects to help good causes.
  • Insider access to training information, contacts and support.
  • Active involvement – Discuss innovations and shape the future of Nauka.
  • Easy online registration & renewal – Annual member-fee.
  • Straightforward membership – You are free to join and leave anytime.
  • Defense, sports or just recreation – You will find it all in Nauka.
  • Be our guest at Nauka Parties (e.g. Summer Party, Winter Party & Celebrations).
  • If someone is not able to provide the yearly member-fee, the person can be sponsored by other members. If this is not possible, we will sponsor the membership – No good person should be held back from training Nauka!
How to join the Nauka Clan

Contact us to get more info and the instructions:


The Nauka is a well-kept tradition. Originally created to protect the lives of the family members, it was only passed on from father to son. Until today, Nauka has saved many lives and kept the family members on the right track (or brought some back on it). The Nauka Clan decided to share the family tradition with the world, so other people can protect themselves as well.

The growing number of interested Nauka Students requires a qualified education. So a worldwide unique Ranking System was formed for those who want to progress in Nauka. All Nauka Ranks carry a Slavic title in addition to the English title.

As a Nauka Clan Member, you can take part in the Ranking System and you can get an own Nauka Identity Book to document your Nauka journey.



Experience is one of the most important factors to be able to grow in Nauka. The progression within Nauka is visualized by the Nauka Experience Points (NXP). They can be earned by attending the different types of Nauka training. By reaching a certain amount of NXP, one has earned a Nauka Student Rank. The types of training that provide NXP: Seminars, Battles, Personal Training, Regular Training, time as a Nauka Teacher and relevant Training outside of Nauka.

Nauka Student Ranks are milestones on the path of collecting Nauka Experience Points (NXP). Each Nauka Student Rank stands for a certain amount of NXP one has reached and the Student continues the collection to reach a higher step. A Nauka Student can become a Nauka Scout and create a Nauka Outpost (Training Group).

The NXP and Student Ranks are endless, as well as experience is endless. The Nauka journey begins with Nauka Student Rank 0 and to be allowed to begin, the Student has to express the will to start, to be accepted and to swear the Nauka Oath to a Nauka Teacher.



Becoming a qualified Nauka Teacher will not be easy, as we want you to get an excellent education and to be able to teach high-level self-defense with Nauka. Your students` lives may depend on this! You can only learn the traditional way – hard training with qualified Nauka Teachers.

There is only one Teacher Rank in Nauka. After earning it, one has a solid base in the Nauka material. To continue the progression, a Nauka Teacher focuses on the Nauka Sectors. Every Sector is a specific topic and contains multiple, related Nauka Modules one can master.

To become a Nauka Teacher, one needs to collect NXP and Student Ranks, as well as the acceptance of the Nauka Clan Chief. All Nauka Teachers remain Nauka Students and continue the journey.




  • Student / Uchenik

    Nauka Students are people who train Nauka on a regular base. They seek knowledge and want to evolve.


  • Scout / Izvidnik

    A Nauka Scout is a Student and contact person of a Nauka Outpost (Training Group), who organizes training meetups and looks out for Nauka training sources. This is not a Teacher Rank.


  • Guide / Vodnik

    Apprentice Nauka Teacher. A Nauka Guide has a probationary phase. Examined by a Nauka Teacher in accordance with the Nauka Clan Chief.


  • Teacher / Nastavnik

    Certified Nauka Teacher. Approved by the Nauka Clan Chief. There is only one Teacher title. Serves as a base to teach and to progress from there. A Teacher can run a business and open up a Nauka Fighting Academy, offer Seminars, Battles and Personal Trainings.


  • Sectors / Sektori

    A Nauka Teacher focuses on the Nauka Sectors. They are divided in main topics, like Combat, Survival and Tradition. Every Sector contains different Nauka Modules. They can be completed to progress as a Teacher, gain detailed knowledge and to be able to teach the material.


  • Nauka Clan Chief / Nachelnik

    The highest title in Nauka. Can only be given by the previous Clan Chief.