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Learn Nauka Fighting by watching our instructional videos for Self-Defense, Combatives, and Survival. In addition, you will get access to our complete Full Spectrum Warrior (FSW) collection. Enjoy constantly new videos from our team of Top Coaches for Firearms, Dog Handling, Fitness, Tactical Training and much more.

Online Video Training is a great addition to your live-training and will add a deeper understanding of the material. It will help you to continue your training at home and with your group. For those, who never experienced Nauka live, it will present a great opportunity to enter the world of Nauka and understand what it is all about. You can start your training immediately and proceed to live-training later, if you want.

In combination with the Nauka Clan Membership, you will profit from the Nauka Ranking System, as well as Discounts on Nauka trainings and products. Learn more about this here.


You will have access to all of the Full Spectrum Warrior (FSW) training videos, including:
  • Nauka training for Self-Defense, Combatives, and Survival
  • Surviving Active Shooter Attacks
  • Selecting Everyday Carry Items (EDC)
  • How to Choose the right gun
  • How to set up your weapons systems
  • Strength training to support shooting and fighting
  • Drills to practice at the range
  • Drills for dry fire or practice at home to improve skills
  • Techniques to improve shooting, moving and communicating
  • Constantly new videos from Top-Coaches
Additional Benefits:
  • Discounts with affiliates and partner companies
  • Automatically enrolled in product giveaways
  • Online Forum and Blog on the website
  • Tactical Tipps with the Newsletter

Firearms and Shooting

Tactical Tips

Survival Solutions

Everyday Carry – EDC

Navy SEAL Kettlebell Training (complete set)

Self-Defense, Combatives and Martial Arts

Equipment and Gear Management

K9 Handling and Dog Training

Fitness, Strength and Health

Home Training

Combat Mobility System (Movement)

Discussion Forum

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